On Your Lot Pricing

Many Variables determine the price that a customer would pay when building on their own lot. Reve Development Corporation uses its "On Your Lot Pricing" technique when bidding houses to be built on the owner's lot. Using this technique inhibits the customer from accepting bids that do not include a finished product. The variables are as follows:

Base House Cost * Lot Cost * Lot Preparation * Tap Fees * Finance Cost

The base house cost includes the house and our Standard Features. There are some allowances specified in here. See our Standard Features page.

  1. Lot Cost, or lot pay off, is the cost of the lot. This does not apply if the lot is owned free and clear.fireplace
  2. We have to determine what Lot Preparation is required. All lots have some slope and most need clearing. Reve Development Corporation will visit your lot free of charge to ensure there is sufficient allowance for these cost.
  3. Tap Fees deal with sewer disposal and water supply which applies to all lots. We will determine the fees required by the utility company or the cost of a septic tank or water well on your property. There is a fee to be paid by the owner of the lot for a Health Department perk test.
  4. Finance Cost allows us to calculate the closing cost knowing how much you are willing to finance or use as a down payment.

Reve Development Corporation will give you a free consultation to determine the cost of your complete package. However, in some cases the actual cost may exceed what was first determined. The owner will be made aware of any over run as soon as possible and will be responsible for the extra cost involved. If desired, Reve Development Corporation will give you a guaranteed figure for these cost.

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