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Reve Development Corporation was founded in 1988 by Raymond Noel. Our primary focus has been single family residential design and construction. As a DESIGN-BUILD company, we have completed over 500 homes in the Pensacola, Florida area. These homes have ranged from 1200 square feet to 6000 square feet and were priced from $80,000 to $750,000. We are known for our unique and customized designs due to Karl Noel's, Raymond's father, ability to capture the desires of our customers and knowledge of the best elements of design.

We have catapulted to the top of the affordable custom builders list in the Pensacola area. As the business grew and sales increased, more people were added to the team. Chris Noel joined the team to assist with business production. Since 1993, Reve Development Corporation has become the leading design-build firm in Northwest Florida.

About 8 years ago we began using our "On Your Lot Pricing" technique. Our "On Your Lot Pricing" technique helps educate the public on the hidden cost involved in building on scattered lots that are not all in the same governmental jurisdiction and have unique features that effect the cost of building. The variables include, clearing, tap fees or septic tank cost and water meter or well cost. Also the slope of the land affects the cost of lot preparation or fill material required to have a reasonably level building site. These figures are factual and have to be accounted for. Our "On Your Lot" building has excelled due to this procedure.

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